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Leon Strumpher

Portfolio Manager, Sanlam Private Wealth


Traditional worldwide asset classes vs rare and collectable cars - Performance, drivers of value, economics and cycles.


The world is currently a very volatile place, factors such as land reform, Trump tariffs an extended US bull market, low interest rates, bond markets and rising inflation are all factors which are making investment decisions more difficult than ever before.

Leon will try to paint a picture and place various asset classes into perspective, if and why collectable cars are a good investment alternative and how one could approach this asset class as an investor.

Speaker Biography

Leon is a portfolio managers at Sanlam Private Wealth. He manages investment portfolios for individuals, trusts, families and charitable institutions. Leon has been advising HNWI for the last ten years, the first seven years in a wealth management and estate planning capacity and since then in a portfolio management and stockbroking capacity. Leon is heading up the classic car investments initiative within Sanlam Private Wealth. Leon is a classic car investor and owner himself.

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